Aviator's Checklist

You can download your copy of Aviator's checklist for free.

Free basic version: allows you to run aircraft operation checklists in a new way, avoiding the most common mistakes usually associated with traditional paper checklists. In the free version, you can use three fixed checklists (Cessna 172 - Skyhawk, Piper PA28-235 and Diamond Katana DA-20 A1).

Aviator's Checklist - App Store

Edit Mode Upgrade: if you like Aviator's Checklist and decide to purchase the Edit Mode Upgrade, you will be able to create, manage, edit, import and export your own checklists, with no limitation in number. You'll get all the power and simplicity of this professional tool.

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DISCLAIMER - Satori Produccions SL delivers the present software as is, and has no responsibility over the content of the checklists or application misuse. The pilot in command is the only responsible for using the content, both the one provided as example with the free version of this app, or the user edited/imported content existent at present moment or in the future. Remember to review the procedures before use to ensure they suit your aircraft.